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Customer Reviews

My wife loves it! As specially the little feet on the back!


Just used this makeup bag on a trip to visit a friend who lives in a small apartment with one bathroom. Using the bag made my life simplier because I could take it in and out of the bathroom and keep all my makeup products together instead of trying to find a place for them in tight quarters. I feel sure I will use it again and again. In fact, I would like tomorder another one, in a different color, for meds I take on travel.


It works awesome


It's made of super plastic's A really nice lamp! You can also choose the intensity of the two kind of light (white and kind of orange) Nice idea! We love to have a bright moon next to us :-) thanks

Maya K.

It really makes your bathroom look festive for the holidays. I love it!

Amanda R.

Exactly as advertised

it came right on time 

very happy 

thank you premio

Jack J.

I  love my Quick Makeup Bag. It's cute and everything I need when I travel fits perfectly! Easy to pack in my carry! I absolutely love it...every girl needs one of these perfect make up and more bags.

Olga G.

These gloves are great! Really help with the pain in my hands and makes everyday stuff a lot easier

Faye H.

I love it! I bought this because I have always wanted to try one. I currently use it on the low setting and I am addicted!

Christian H.